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E-commerce Industry

We create everything that your enterprise needs from training data to working with unstructured text, images and videos for Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence has marked its presence in every field of concern. Artificial intelligence is going to personalize the shopping experience for the user and improve the shopping experience. For retailers, it is a medium to improve sales, deliver better engagement and improve the customer's service. Artificial intelligence can benefit the Ecommerce business in following ways:

Better Searches

Most of the online purchases start with the search. The search results should be relevant and according to the keywords. Else the user will look somewhere else for the products. The text-based searches return a list of items that include those keywords in the title name and the description. This may not be the best technique to find the accurate results. Artificial intelligence techniques allow users to upload the images and discover the most relevant or exact search result. This saves a lot of time for the consumer as a consumer no longer have to linger for hours.

Recommendation Systems

AI and machine learning and deep learning algorithms can predict the behavior of buyer from its past searches, likings, frequently bought products. By predicting the behavior of the user, E-commerce websites are able to recommend the products that user is highly interested in. This improves the user experience as the user no longer have to spend hours searching the product. It also helps the E-commerce websites to improve their sales. So, small E-commerce websites have to build own recommendation system.

Inventory Management

The predictive analysis of data science services is making a huge impact in the inventory management. Machine learning algorithm can predict the future demand for the product based on the history data. The more and more usage of predictive analytics in the E- commerce improves the efficiency of inventory management data. Artificial intelligence applications have enabled the retailers to predict the real-time inventory needs of the business.

Systematic Sales Process

Artificial intelligence applications are used by the E-commerce retailers to gather data patterns and to generate powerful insight from the data. Businesses can improve the sales by using the history data and data-driven feedback. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards social media platforms for shopping inspirations. Deep learning techniques can be used to identify the choices and interests of the customers. Artificial intelligence can scan millions of data and develop the correlation between the buying patterns and user data. Webtunix AI has been working in E commerce sector for a long time and its products like Piquant AI are ready to hit the market.

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