Sports Industry

Everything in the world cannot be quantified. Anything that can be quantified, can be predicted with precision using data analytics and artificial intelligence. The sports world is abundant in such quantifiable elements, which makes it ideal for the use of artificial intelligence.

The few areas in sports where artificial intelligence is set to become a mainstay component are:

Scouting and Recruitment

Scouting and Recruitment

Any sports team, whether it be baseball, soccer or any other game, uses players’ individual performance data as a measure of fit and potential.

However, the performance data being used for scouting potential recruits doesn’t signify using the openly known stats like home runs, goals, or passes, but using more complex metrics that take into account multiple factors. With the entry of artificial intelligence in sports management, the procedure of recording and measuring these indicators of future success has become easier and reliable.

Training and Performance Analysis

The general metrics like runs scored passes made, goals scored, etc. isn’t the best way to accurately assess performances, both individual and collective. For predicting the performances in any sport, it is required that analysts and coaches analyze a multitude of data points pertaining to individual players and collective performances. This helps them to identify the areas where players excel and those areas where they lag.

Maintaining Health, Fitness, and Safety

Physical health and fitness are of prime importance in sports. And AI is transforming the healthcare industry at a tremendous stage. As peak physical fitness is the essence of sports, therefore sports teams invest heavily in the physical and mental well-being of their players. AI has now become the latest tool in these teams’ medical kits. AI-based physical tests are conducted for players to analyze various health parameters and player movements to evaluate their fitness and can even detect early signs of fatigue or stress-induced injuries

Broadcasting and Streaming

AI has also revolutionized live broadcasting and it has impacted the way the audience experiences sports. Based on the events on the field, AI systems can be used for automatically choosing the right camera angle to display on the viewers’ screens. It can automatically provide subtitles for live events in different languages based on the viewer’s location and language preferences. Artificial intelligence systems can also be used to identify the right opportunities to present ads based on crowd excitement levels in sporting arenas, enabling broadcasters to effectively utilize monetization opportunities through ad sales.

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