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Sports Industry

We create everything that your enterprise needs from training data to working with unstructured text, images and videos for Machine Learning.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in sports may be a new and emerging technology but it is now making its way into a number of sports industry applications. We offer artificial intelligence services in various verticals in sports including sports result prediction, chatbots, and computer vision.

Sports Result Prediction in Real Time

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can be used for predicting the probability of winning a team against an opponent. It is beneficial for team management, coaches and team players. We have created sports result prediction systems for NBA, NHL and tennis prediction. We help in predicting the outcomes when the match is going on or one day proir of the game with high accuracy.

Betting Odds Prediction

Our betting odd prediction system is based on the advanced algorithm which is based on neural networks, statastics and generic algorithms. Our algorithm calculates the betting odds and recommend the best odd to bet on.

Chatbots for Sports

We offer chatbot development customized for sports. For example, NBA chatbot can answer fan inquiries including franchise history, current team stats, team rosters etc. The sports chatbot is able to communicate with the user and respond as the user prompts any sports related query.

Data-Driven Analytics

Artificial intelligence helps in the data driven analytics for sports. Data driven analytics is beneficial for coaches, players and team management. Artificial intelligence can help in the pattern identification and analyzing playing conditions. AI helps in building the cognitive skill enhancement tool driven by data.

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