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Model Gallery

Exploring Unlimited benefits of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning is modern innovation that has helped us in re-modelling industrial and professional processes alongwith our daily life . It is helpful in enhancing business scalability and improving business operations for companies across the globe.

Online Payments , Google Maps and Riding Applications , Face Detection and Recognition , Chatbots , Social Media , Medical Diagnosis are some examples of Machine Learning applications that you’re likely to come across in daily life.

Try your hands on Machine Learning . . .

Celebrity Makeover

Celebrity Virtual Makeover

Get a virtual makeover with your favorite celebrity hairstyles, makeup and accessories.


Resume Parser

NLP based Resume Parser in Python

NLP based Resume Parser in Python - Find good parts of Resume


3D Modelling

3D Face Modelling

A learning based approach for reconstructing a 3D face from a single image.


Drug Screening

Drug Screening

Drug Screening analyses the presence of the chemicals in the body due to drugs.



Machine Learning Model Deployment

Automate your Machine Learning workflows , deploy and manage models.


Captcha Recognition

Captcha Recognition with Deep Learning

CAPTCHA Recognition with Deep Learning and Computer Vision.