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Choose the topic

To choose the M.Tech thesis topic, do deep research according to your area of interest while considering the latest trends as well. You can take help from the newspaper articles and journals to decide the thesis topic. If you are confused and are unable to find the topic according to your interest, RIS is always here for you. We have a team of experienced and skilled data scientists and engineers who will help you find the best subject according to your interest.


Awesome! Now, you have your topic selected.

It’s the right time to contact us for the research purpose. We will make sure to cover every single aspect of the topic and generate significant findings. As you are new in this field and this is your first M.Tech thesis project, you will, at some stage, get puzzled on what should be included in the thesis and what not. Our RIS team has previously completed thousands of M.Tech thesis for candidates in various University formats and we will definitely help you to achieve your M.Tech degree with the best possible results. Don’t miss a chance and contact us soon to book your seat in advance.


After researching thoroughly through the topic and gathering all the information, next step will be the Synopsis submission. Synopsis is a detailed summary of your work and defines the main objective of the project. It gives a clear picture to the supervisor about your whole research topic. Synopsis submission is done at the time of presentation. As this step will be new and unexperienced for you, you need guidance through your presentation. This task will be completed by us. The synopsis contains the following details:

Background detail

It consists of the goals and objectives of the proposed thesis and how it will make a contribution in the existing work. You must elaborate the problems that encouraged you to provide a solution to the existing problems and how your proposed thesis is going to help. Our team has a rich experience of technical and financial fields and we will guide you and complete all the steps involved in the M.Tech thesis process.


Under the outline section, you need to give the details of what data and requirements you have for carrying out your work. You must specifically tell about your target audience for whom the thesis is being written. RIS team will assist you in designing and explaining the brief description or the outline of your thesis proposal and complete the whole work for you.


The research gap defines the missing piece in the research literature. It includes the areas not yet explored or the areas that are under-explored. If you get afraid or fearful at this point in your thesis project and are getting harassed by your mentor, then we will find all the research gaps and fill them with the available information.


After the completion of the above steps, if you get stuck in the Implementation stage, then it is the right time to come to RIS team as our skilled team of data scientists has a very rich experience in M.Tech thesis implementation in several programming languages like Python, Matlab, Java, R, Scala, C++, NS2 and NS3 (Network Simulators). Our team has full knowledge of various tools and algorithms used for the process of M.Tech completion like Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Game theory, Reinforcement Learning, Monte Carlo Markov Chain method, and many others. Do not worry about a single step from the thesis process as RIS team will be completing the work in the perfect way and will surely help you achieve your degree.

Stages for a MTech/ME/Masters Thesis or Dissertation

  • 1. Choosing the Project
  • 2. Initial Literature Review
  • 3. Finalizing the Research Questions
  • 5. Choosing and Developing the Methodology
  • 6. Piloting the Methodology
  • 7. Organizing the Data Collection
  • 8. Data Collection & Analysis
  • 9. Drawing Conclusions and Interpretations
  • 10. Preparing the Final Thesis

M.Tech or M.E Implementation with online Guidance

In the process of implementation, we use:

  • 1. Python
  • 2. Machine Learning
  • 3. Deep Learning
  • 3. Data Science
  • 4. Matlab
  • 5. NS2
  • 6. NS3
  • 7. Other latest software in different languages

How to choose topic for your Thesis?

For choosing M.Tech thesis topic, you must do deep research in your area of interest while keeping in mind the latest trends as well. You can take help from the journals or newspaper articles but still, if you are unable to find one, then RIS is always here to help you find the perfect thesis topic for your M.Tech thesis. The following points must be considered while selecting a thesis topic:

  • Research Gap : The thesis topics are chosen according to the research gap and other future recommendations given by the previous researchers. The title of the thesis must reflect the problem, research area, findings, etc.
  • Identify the problem statement : The topic must identify the problem and must give a solution to that problem. A wide range of information is used to find the topic that includes news, reports, historical information and scholarly articles from the journals.
  • Offered Methodology and Expected outcome : A literature review plays a very significant role in the thesis. So, the latest articles in a specific area of interest are provided that includes research design, data collection methods, tools used and the expected outcome.


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