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Aivaid Symptoms Checkup

AIVaid will diagnose your health according to current body symptoms, this Artificial Intelligence Product provides accurate health report, the smart way to find the care you may need.

Mindcreature - Online Training Guide

MindCreature is an application of Artificial Intelligence which is an online training platform where students and teachers meet. MindCreature has a large number of professional trainers around the globe who are helping the students in better learning and achieving their goals.

Piquant.ai Fashion Recommendations

Visual search is fluctuating the approach people shop online and it is fast becoming a must for all fashion e-commerce brands. We live in a visual world.

Hooter-Social Media Marketing

Hooterapp is an Application of Artificial Intelligence lets you post on all your social media accounts at one go. Posting on multiple social media platforms can be hectic and time-consuming especially if you are a social media marketer or an influencer. Hooter-Social Media Marketing

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