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Speech processing is a common term in artificial intelligence. It is a par of Conversational User Interface (CUI). Artificial intelligence for speech is based on two approaches. First is it involves understanding the thought process for human beings. Secondly, it represents the processes via machines. Speech to text software solutions makes machines more intelligent and useful. It is based on the concept of natural language processing. NLP refers to artificial intelligence methods of communicating with the computer in a natural language like English. Research Infinite Solution AI is an artificial intelligence consulting company in India that is providing solutions in the field of speech processing.

Speech recognition technology or voice recognition is an application of voice processing. There is a huge scope of speech processing that is used in real life. Speech recognition solutions enable natural, human-like conversations with machines and can achieve very high accuracy levels with appropriate fine-tuning around vernacular attributes. By its enormous growth and rising popularity, it is becoming increasingly mainstream among different industries and enterprises. In India, where 70% of the country’s population is involved in the agriculture industry, speech technology has started been playing a critical role through user-friendly speech solutions to rural farmers.

  • Speech processing is used in expert systems. For example flight tracking system and clinical systems.
  • Speech processing is used in natural language processing. For example features like Google Now, speech recognition and automatic voice outputs.
  • It is used in applications like a virtual assistant. For example Siri, Cortana and many more.

Research Infinite Solutions AI is an artificial intelligence company that is building better speech to text software solutions. We use the following approach to build our speech-based application.

Better user interface : It makes the application robust and easy to use. This keeps the user engaging and continuing the conversation. We try to reduce the confusion that arises when humans and machines communicate.

Good dialog models : Good dialog models helps in keeping the conversation meaningful. Human and machine conversation can go in any direction. Research Infinite Solutions AI is an artificial intelligence company that is providing speech processing service to the various organizations.

Some of the applications of Voice Processing are :

  • It can be used to convert speech into text. Users can convert huge offline files into the online format by just speaking out the text.
  • Speech processing system has the ability to convert text to speech also.
  • It can also be used for the sound localization.
  • Voice recognition systems are built using speech processing systems.
  • Voice Tagging is also one of the applications of speech processing system.
  • Speech processing system can also be used to add sound to the silent movies.
  • It has also found application in automatic music generation and music tagging.
  • It can also help in echo cancellation in various devices.

Research Infinite Solutions is a leading speech to text software development organization that helps you to provide intelligent web services related to Industry needs. At Research Infinite Solutions, you can get plenty of machine learning Services such as Web Scraping, Data Mining, Object Detection, Video and Image Processing, Natural language processing and many more.

Signals are ubiquitous across many research and development domains. Engineers and scientists need to process, analyze, and extract information from time-domain data as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. In a range of predictive analytics applications, signals are the raw data that machine learning systems must be able to leverage for the purpose of creating understanding and for informing decision-making.

For a company like Google or Amazon, hundreds of thousands of hours of spoken audio recorded in real-life situations is gold. That’s the single biggest thing that separates their world-class speech recognition system from your hobby system. The whole point of putting Google Now! and Siri on every cell phone for free or selling $50 Alexa units that have no subscription fee is to get you to use them as much as possible.

Main features of Signal Processing are :

  • Signal manipulation and visualization
  • Design and application of digital filters
  • Frequency-domain analysis
  • Automatic peak detection
  • Feature extraction from signals
  • Training and testing of simple neural networks
  • Every single thing you say into one of these systems is recorded forever and used as training data for future versions of speech recognition algorithms using the appliations of voice processing.

Speech signal processing has following real-life applications :


Seismology is used by scientists to perform spectral analysis to determine periodicity and anomalies in the recorded data. They can have better insight into the nature of earthquake. Scientists are able to analyze the nature of earthquake before and after the earthquake. It has been revealed that earthquakes create a particular noise that is recorded by the seismograph. The study of this noise can help scientists to predict the nature and intensity of the earthquake.


Telecommunication system consists of wired and wireless communication that involves signal processing. This signal processing includes converting voice signals to digital signals, transmitting the signals and modulation etc.


Speech signal processing has also found applications in the healthcare sector also. It helps in better analysis of the ECG, EEG in the medical field. Also, there are a lot of techniques that are using the application of voice processing for example healthcare monitoring systems etc.

Importance of Speech processing and recognization :

Speech recognition technology has found applications in various business. Here we will discuss the importance of speech recognition system.

Voice recognition systems have helped the businesses to reduce their cost of operations. By offering tools like voice recognition systems, businesses no longer have to invest in the customer support services. Research Infinite Solutions AI is a speech to text software development company that is providing solutions in the field of voice recognition to various businesses.

If you are in a business that is mainly based on the client calls, then voice recognition system can do wonders for you. Voice recognition systems can handle calls from your customer better and can deal faster than humans. It can deal with a large number of clients and is able to serve more customers. Webtinix AI is helping the businesses in providing solutions in the speech recognition technology.

We help you make your customers happy. Text to speech software processing makes the customer feel contented and satisfied. Many businesses have reaped the benefits of speech processing services in their business. Webtinix AI is a speech to text software development company in India that is helping businesses to achieve their goals .

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