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Focusing on what matters- Augumenting the human Intelligence.

We believe in unfolding the concealed potential of machines by pushing the boundaries of AI and exploring stupendous possibilities to unravel the complex problems. We are assisting in addressing the problems encountered in everyday lives by providing the solutions that are beyond imagination. Research Infinite Solution is an artificial intelligence consulting company where we are a team of seasoned data scientists and engineers who are eager to provide the best and most rigid solutions to your problems. We have achieved our milestones by tackling some of the most grueling real-world problems. Our state of the art solutions includes Healthcare, Sports result prediction, Apparel recommendation systems.

Human And Computer Vision

Our human and computer vision platform offers solutions like object detection, semantic segmentation and more.

Low Light

Eliminate the low light problem in your images and make them look good.

Object Removal

Remove the unwanted object in the image based on your requirement like if it was never there.

Background Removal

Remove or customize the environment based on your requirement. Our platform can do it all for you.


Beautify your images with our image beautify platform. Make your image look better and high definition.

Face Contouring

Our computer vision platform can improve your images with face contouring and customization.


Convert your low light and low-quality images into high definition images using our HDR platform.

Our Industries

Research Infinite Solution is available to anyone no matter what business you are in. Some of the industries we have worked on:


Our offerings include solutions for hospitals and clinics. Health monitoring, medication management, digital consultation are a few examples.


Research Infinite Solution has solutions offerings in sports prediction for NBA, NHL, MBL. We are also into the real-time betting odds prediction systems.

Cyber Security

We utilize the AI and ML systems to look out for and provide the notifications of emerging attacks, it could be beneficial to stemming the tide of zero-day threats.

Telecom Industry

Research Infinite Solution has created Artificial intelligence based network applications such as precision algorithms can provide intelligent network optimization solutions.


Solutions like product recommender system, computer vision apparel recommendation systems and data analytics are a few examples.

Stock Market

Our deep learning stock prediction algorithms can accurately predict the stocks market fluctuation, profitable trading and automated share trading.


Research Infinite Solution is available to anyone no matter what business you are in. Some of the industries we have worked on:

Sementic Segmentation

Our platform supports a large number of classes and guaranteed precision. The instance segmentation for feature detection can be used for training the perception model. Our full pixel semantic segmentation is critical and may influence the accuracy of the perception model.

Video Annotation

We also provide video annotation platform to track the objects frame by frame in a sequence of images. Our human in the loop annotation platform can simply alter the labels instead of relabeling each object like other solutions in the market.

3D Point Cloud Annotation

Our 3D point cloud annotation tools are built on the high-quality point labeling to improve the perception model. We use 3D box annotation for the object detection. The 3D segmentation can be used to understand how objects are moving in the environment.


Our landmark annotation tools can plot a sequence of points to determine the shape of the small and large objects. We can detect the poses of persons for face recognition, analytics and predicting the motion of autonomous vehicles.



We are the top choice when it comes to building a computer vision solution. Our serving includes almost every sector of concern. Our human and computer vision platform offers solutions like object detection, image classification, object tagging, video object tracking, and semantic segmentation.

Image Classification

Object Detection

Object tagging

Semantic Segmentation

Video object tracking

Landmark Tagging

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Our video object tracking solutions integrates the machine learning and training data to annotate and track the objects in the videos 100 times faster than the manual annotations. The persistent object tracking frees up the annotators to make small corrections.

Video annotations

Steady Object Tracking

Customizable System

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We create audio and video classification models for image classification and labeling the semantic segmentation. We have developed the real-time speech to text transcription system and speech categorization platforms reinforced by the machine learning models.

Speech to Text

Audio Categorization

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We have a unique human in the loop data reinforcement platform which is customizable to great content. We have successfully accomplished data categorization and reinforcement jobs like text extraction from PDF, product categorization, content deduplication, and moderation.

Data Collection

Product Categorization

Extract Data From PDF

Data Deduplication

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By utilizing natural language processing, we can improve the conversational interfaces of your business and handle the interactions between humans and machines. NLP is used in the semantic search, autocomplete, lemmatization, faceted search group and more.

Sentiment Analysis

Entity Recognition

Intent Classification

Text Categorization

Extract data from PDF

Extract information using NLP

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Research Infinite Solution solutions is a data analytics company which offers excellent artificial intelligence solutions. We make bold bets to build something great and enduring.


Transparent Teamwork

We are sincere about our data, plan, and experiments; we listen more than we express; we reach out crossways functions; and we shape on each other’s ideas.



We care for everyone. We assist, inspire, and provide guidance so that we can acquire, raise and have fun. We detach dependably, trusting that our business is in good hands.



We are at the forefront of the artificial intelligence consulting which is going to change this world. We keep on learning and be confident to challenge our past strategies and wisdom.



Miscellaneous backgrounds, solid knowledge of product, and a mutual vision for building of intelligent systems that will modify the world in a system businesses focus.


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Our services are available 24*7. You can reach us anytime and we will ready to assist you with our unique services. Get 24*7 supports for your related queries.